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Affordable Vegan Purses in NJ/NYC!

Vegan Purses

Thrifting purses have always been my go-to because I thought that they were either too expensive for me or I just found incredible deals in thrift stores that I could not pass up. Less than $10 for a cute little clutch that would have been way more anywhere else? I’ll take it. However, moving back to New York City, I feel as if I needed to up my purse game because of the changes of seasons.

Many traditional purses are made from the hide of almost any animal such as cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and more. Being sustainably conscious, I did not want to invest in a product that didn’t align with my values. I never understood why wearing the skin of another being was seen as anything other than crazy – so I went on a quest to find an affordable clutch and tote for going out and work purposes. As said in the last blog post, greenwashing is all the rage on the internet right now. Scrambling through the outrageous prices for material I didn’t even trust to be 100% vegan was mentally exhausting. Then, I found The Vegan Warehouse; Located in Hoboken, NJ, this online store offers handbags, beauty, and lifestyle products all in one place. I was able to get an affordable clutch and tote for just $100. That’s it! I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled upon this price. With free shipping, coupon codes included, and a free gift thrown in there, I was able to get everything I needed for an affordable price and excellent quality; all while helping the planet. talks about everything sustainable, giving you the run-down on Why Shopping Vegan is important and even gives you the rundown on how to clean your Vegan Leather Handbag.

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