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Why is Sustainability in Fashion so hard?

August 14, 2022

Second-hand has boomed since the viral sensation that is here to stay: sustainability. From walking the rows of hand-me-downs in Good Will in my hometown, to frolicking around the Swap Meets in California, and now roaming the streets of Brooklyn to find my weekend fit, the hunt is always the thrill of it all. Yet, when walking around the halls of the local malls, I have always wondered how fast-fashion is making it in a world accelerating towards a sustainable consciousness. The sad truth is – they’re not.

Green-washing has been at an all time high for fast-fashion producers. By promoting a Corporate Social Responsibility report and making claims about their three pillars of sustainability, the big fashion guys are only doing what they can on the surface level. Using such a tactic enables them to charge more on their merchandise, even though there has been little to no change in their supply chains. Producing a “green” label goes farther than just making deceptive claims. It is ensuring that Carbon Footprints are reduced, people are safe, and green dollars are saved for all. In the long-term, sustainability is the biggest money saver one can invest in due to energy that is saved, materials that are recycled/repurposed, and government incentives that can be used.

However, Sustainability in Fashion can be persistently difficult because of the world that the business was built upon. With supply chains dependent on fossil fuels, a cradle-to-grave consumer system, and the lack of authoritative support, making the transition is NOT easy at first. It is important for businesses and customers to be increasingly knowledgeable about sustainability through constant connection and collaboration to be able to turn the tides towards the green movement and sustainable fashion.

Psychotica is integrating sustainability by partnering with local manufacturers in the NJ/NY area. Furthermore, we are providing second-hand T-shirts to the company to give the textiles a second life. Through flipping clothes, we are able to see the beauty in recreation and rebirth. As Psychotica continues to get started in the world of fashion and sustainability, we will be keeping the social medias and the site updated. As the site continues to grow and expand, Psychotica hopes to add on to it’s sustainability agenda and move forward with everything green in fashion.

To advocate for change around fast-fashion, my biggest suggestion is to stop buying from them all together and hold them accountable for their sustainability principles. Post on social media, comment on fast-fashion post, and even sign petitions. If you want to take it a step further, support legislation against fast-fashion practices and even write directly to brands that are infringing on environmental and social rights. An option may be to get involved with Ironbound Community Corporation who empowers individuals and communities to take direct action in environmental justice. There are many groups to get involved with, just putting your foot in the door to see the bounty of opportunities is the first step to get there. Empowering yourself through fashion can make the ultimate statement.

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